Cultivating Wholeness

21 days of kindness

Kindness Project


In September 2019, we invited people to join us in 21-days of kindness, receiving an email each day with inspirations and ideas of how to express more kindness in the world.  In this world where there is increasing polarization, anxiety and frustration, being kind is one way we really can make an impact.  It is our power to change the world.  The archives of these 21 days can be found here.

Earth Guardianship

The Culture of Waste


Stop throwing food away! The demand for quick meals and grab-and-go foods has lead to enormous food (and packaging) waste, to the tune of 70 billion pounds per year in the U.S. alone. This means that about 30% of all the food that is produced is thrown away. Yet worldwide, 1 in 9 people are hungry.

Kitchen Medicine

Food As Medicine

Support Emerging Yang in Spring with Nettles for Vitality


In each season the environment changes, and our body/mind also shifts during the seasonal transition. Spring is a time of renewal, growth and creativity. Plants are growing quickly, leaves and flowers are emerging and the sap in trees begins to flow upwards again. The energetic expression is upward and expansive.