About Our Selves, Our Planet

Many months ago, I read an article that encouraged each of us to be clear about what we really want and what our intention is for our lives. It asked what is our intention at this moment, for our relationships and home life, for our work and for our free time? That sounds good, and like an important reminder – but nothing new. Then came the next part – after each of these questions, what are you actually doing about it?

In this world today, where the struggle often seems to be about getting things done, trying to stay present and prioritize what must come first, I often find that acting on the things that are important to me but do not seem essential to getting through the day – to be incredibly difficult. Most times they just don’t happen. While I care very much about healing and community and the environment, about paying attention to the cycles of nature, and the deepening that comes with times of inner stillness, too often it has ended up as something only talked about with friends, or the good feeling when reading an inspiring book. It was time to ask myself, what am I going to do about it – and do it.

For many of us, this can feel daunting in a world where there is so much need and so much that we would like to nurture and support, but so little time. It is easy to talk with friends and family and intellectually analyze what needs to happen for the good of our communities and the world. But what are we going to actually do to promote the change we would like to see?

So I decided to choose a few things that I could actually do, close to home. Small things like work in the Giving Garden growing food for the community food bank, making (scheduling!) time for meditation and to quietly honor nature, and to offer articles and community events that might help others focus on ways to live more healthily and consciously on the planet too. Supporting others, I find, supports myself.

Like you, I care about the environment, its ecosystems and its sustainability. We care about being healthy in mind, body and spirit, and supporting that of others.  We want to nurture our friends and family and communities, that of our selves and our planet.

My hope is that Our Selves, Our Planet will enrich people’s lives and perspectives, and my own, and in some way trickle down to inspire big and small changes that foster health and deep fulfillment. I believe that at this time we are each being called to assist the Earth, to heal her wounds, and in the process, heal our selves and our relationships, and re-discover the sacred. The problems that we are faced with today call us to rethink our values as individuals and society and find our deep wisdom – and act on behalf of a vision based on love and respect. From the pain we feel for the world can come a strength that connects to something greater. As Chief Seattle said in 1854, “We are a part of the earth and it is a part of us”.

Cindy Micleu
Our Selves, Our Planet
Seattle, Washington
April 22, 2017
Earth Day