Day 4 – Sept 27

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21-Day Kindness Project: Day 4

In silence there is eloquence.  Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.
– Rumi

Spend 30 Minutes in Silence:

Today it is time to give kindness to yourself.  We sometimes unconsciously assume that giving to oneself is “selfish”, but actually, caring for oneself is healthy, and essential to both our own happiness, and to our ability to be truly loving in the world.

So carve out some time in your day for quietude and stillness.  Sometimes in the activity and chatter of the week, the busyness from morning to night, we lose connection with the deeper parts of ourselves and our highest intentions.  Moments of silence and stillness can be good teachers, and allow us to reset our hearts and minds to what is most important to us.  And by getting in touch with ourselves we strengthen our capacity for touching the lives of other as well.

For 30 (or more) minutes today, practice going within, whether simply in silence, in meditation or prayer, or perhaps a walk in nature or sitting quietly by your self.  You could sit under a tree and watch the birds, or close your eyes and just breathe.  Whatever you do, intentional silence will bring you into more presence with your self.  Without external stimulus like exercising, reading or listening to music, see how it feels to take time for just “being” or reflecting.  Let this recharge, regenerate, and renew you.

Notice how the quality of your attention and interactions change as you carry that experience forward into your day.

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