Day 19 – Oct 12

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21-Day Kindness Project: Day 19

As people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they re connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things.
– Armand Dimele
Create a Daily Ritual to Reconnect:

Our lives are made up of many moments.  How we live those moments determines the quality of our days and ultimately our characters.  Today calls you to an act of kindness for yourself by choosing, or renewing, a practice that helps reconnect you to what you value and what nourishes your inner self.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or deeply time consuming.  Even brief moments of conscious action or reflection give us the opportunity to realign and be present.

You might take time to simply breathe and move your consciousness from your head into your body.  You might meditate, pray, or chant, or write in a journal daily, or mindfully make a cup of tea every morning with the intention of being fully present.  You could do 15 minutes of yoga to transition when you get home from work, begin or renew your qi gong practice, light a candle and take some time in silence before bedtime, or sit under a tree and read/write poetry.  Whatever brings you into the moment.  Dedicate that activity to reconnecting with yourself and realigning your intentions.

Check in with your heart, mind and body.  It sometime helps to engage your senses – smell, listening, or feeling – in a new way.  Try to find something that you can and want to continue daily from today onward.  It might be a ritual that reminds you to be grateful, or to connect with the earth or a tree, or a deep place inside yourself. Like kindness, rituals, done daily and intentionally, become threads that ultimately weave our cloth.

21 days of kindness
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