Day 6 – Sept 29

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21-Day Kindness Project: Day 6

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give
–  Winston Churchill

Just a reminder – the email suggestions each day are just that, suggestions. The main idea however, is simply to look for ways each day to show intentional kindness in whatever manner you are moved to express it. It really could be anything. The “21 days” of kindness is about, yes, spreading kindness – but also about deepening our habit, so that it becomes second nature to reach out to others spreading care and goodwill – every day!

Give Away Some of Your Stuff:

Things we don’t use or don’t need often become “stuff”, and in spite of our best intentions, stuff tends to accumulate.  We can end up with a closet or cupboard of wonderful things that we hardly, or never, use.  Things that could make a real difference to someone else.

Today, consider going through your shelves or closet and pick out at least one item to give away. You could look for an individual or family in need, or take a blanket or winter coat that you don’t use to a shelter, or donate household items to a group that helps refugees make a home in their new country. You could do a drop off at a thrift store, but better yet take it somewhere where it will be given for free. Make someone’s day and leave it on your parking strip with a “free” sign. It is a wonderful feeling to give things a new life in this way. Passing things on is also a great way of recycling and keeping things out of the landfill. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could host a clothing drive among your friends and family.

Not only do you bring joy to someone by giving in this way, but you also reduce your environmental footprint and de-clutter your home, bringing a sense of spaciousness and joy to yourself as well.

21 days of kindness
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