Day 16 – Oct 9

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21-Day Kindness Project: Day 16

Abundance is an expansion of energy.  Abundance is a form of gratitude, generosity, a modesty, a bow towards others – what can we give, what can we share, rather than what can we take.
– Terry Tempest Williams
Give Away Something You Treasure:

The most powerful gifts are those that are personal and come straight from the heart.  Choose something of yours that you treasure, that brings you joy, and give it away to someone else as a gift.  Maybe it is a favorite item of clothing or jewelry, or a framed picture, or a cherished book – anything that you hold dear that holds meaning for you and that you feel especially grateful for.  Now think of someone in your life (or maybe a stranger) who would appreciate your gift, and send it their way, with a note about how it is special to you and the sentiment in passing it on.

A treasure does not have to be what is typically considered beautiful, useful, or valuable.  Sometimes simple items that are worn from loving use, or things from nature, are the most meaningful.  A special stone that you found or painted, pine cones from a favorite wilderness hike, a feather found.  If you have something that feels sacred to you and you want to pass it on, let the recipient know what it means to you.

Sometimes what happens with things that we treasure and find joy in owning, is that we find it actually brings us even more joy to give it away.

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