Day 2 – Sept 25

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21-Day Kindness Project: Day 2

“Native American traditions view all of reality and life as related and interconnected.  Every aspect of life is open as part of one intrinsic family.  In the Blackfoot tribe, when people meet, they don’t say “how are you” but “Tza Nee Da Wah?” which mean “How are the connections?”.  If the connections are in place, we must be all right.  If the connections are not in place, then we need to tend them first.  There can be no lasting individual health unless there is a working harmony between all living things.  The practice that grows from this worldview is the need to discover, name, and repair the connections that exist between all things.  This is considered sacred and necessary work.”
– Mark Nepo

Reconnect With an Old Friend:

Due to our busyness, most of us have friendships that have gone untended.  Take some time today to reflect on what connections mean to you, and how they may provide a foundation for much of what matters to you, and many of your most memorable times.  Today it is time to reconnect with an email or phone call to a special friend in your life who you haven’t been in touch with for awhile.  You could even send flowers.

Think of someone that has been important to you but you for some reason, have let the connection go for too long.  Maybe a college friend who you shared important life experiences with, or someone who has been close to you but is no longer in your close circle, or someone you had a disagreement with and have been sadly estranged from.  Reaching out to this person in some way reestablishes the connection.  It may be with a heartfelt message of gratitude for the role they played in your life, or the poignant memories you shared, how they enriched your life, helped you grow in insight, or got you through a difficult time with wisdom or humor.  Maybe it’s time to make a plan to get together with them and reconnect in person.

Unconditional affection and care from an old friend is something rare and beautiful, and often one of the things we end up valuing most in life.

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