The Revolutionary Love Project

At Our Selves, Our Planet, we were so moved, and feel so strongly supportive of the words of Valerie Kaur, founder of The Revolutionary Love Project, as she spoke of her vision of our world as a metaphor of our time, that we wanted to dedicate a page in the launching of our site to pass her perspective on to others. Her vision suggests that we may just be witnessing the death rattle of an old paradigm, and the labor pains of a new world. As in birthing a child, we need to keep breathing, keep pushing, and that: “You may feel in this moment that the future is dark…but what if this darkness isn’t the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb? What if America is not dead, but a country waiting to be born?”

Watch her beautiful, uplifting 6-minute speech here:

From the website of here is their inspiring declaration:

“Declare revolutionary love, resist and rise up!

We, people of faith and moral conscience, resist all policies, actions, and rhetoric that put people in harm’s way. We refuse to mirror the hate and vitriol that we oppose. We commit to fight for justice through the ethic of love — love for others, our opponents, and ourselves. We are rising up across the U.S. and around the world in protest, music, dance, and direct action to declare that #RevolutionaryLove is the call of our times.

We declare our love for all who are in harm’s way, including refugees, immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, LGBTQIA people, Black people, Latinx, the indigenous, the disabled, and the poor. We stand with millions of people around the globe rising up to end violence against women and girls (cis, transgender and gender non-conforming) who are often the most vulnerable within marginalized communities. We vow to see one another as brothers and sisters and fight for a world where every person can flourish.

We declare love even for our opponents. We vow to oppose all executive orders and policies that threaten the rights and dignity of any person. We call upon our elected officials to join us, and we are prepared to engage in moral resistance throughout this administration. We will fight not with violence or vitriol, but by challenging the cultures and institutions that promote hate. In so doing, we will challenge our opponents through the ethic of love.

We declare love for ourselves. We will practice the dignity and care in our homes that we want for all of us. We will protect our capacity for joy. We will nurture our bodies and spirits; we will rise and dance. We will honor our mothers and ancestors whose bodies, breath, and blood call us to a life of courage. In their name, we choose to see this darkness not as the darkness of the tomb – but of the womb. We will breathe and push through the pain of this era to birth a new future.”